Level FOUR of's own 5-level Trivia!

1. Who Converted Bob from Catholic to Rasta?
Rita Marley
Peter Tosh
Reverend Reynolds

2. Who wrote Rat Race?
Carlton Barrat
Chris Blackwell
Rita Marley

3. Who Introduced Rita to Bob?
Jackie Johnson
Bunny and Peter Tosh
Raylana Hubbard

4. What was the first Reggae song to hit #1 on the English Charts?
No Woman No Cry
I shot the Sheriff

5. Where did Trenchtown Get it's Name?
The First Mayor was John Trench
Rain caused land slides
Built on ditch where sewage drained

6. Who at whose music lesson did Bob met Tosh and Bunny?
Joe Higgs
Vincent De Lena
Al Mongo

7. What was The Bands original Name?
The Marley Three
The Wailing Wailers

8. Who offered Bob his first Major Record Deal?
Chris Blackwell
Hank Ostermak
Ted Romozion

9. On what date did gunman break into the Marley Home?
March 24
December 5
October 38

10. What's Bob's Middle name?

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