Level THREE of's own 5-level Trivia!


1. Who is not a member of the I Threes?
Katy Lena
Judy Mowatt
Marcia Griffiths

2. Who is "The Family Man"?
Earl Lindo
Tyrone Downie
Aston Barrat

3. Which song's lyrics were taken from a speech by Haile Selassie?
Get Up Stand Up
One Love/People get ready

4. Who was "shot down in the street and die"?
Sheriff John Brown
Jimmy Small

5. Which Album was released first?
Natty Dread
Rebel Music

6. Which of the following bands covered a Bob Marley Song?
No Use For A Name
The Prodigy
Ani Difranco

7. What song did they cover?
I Shot the Sheriff
No Woman No Cry
Redemption Song

8. What was the only album released after Bob's death which consisted of previously unreleased material?
Natual Mysic

9. On the Uprising album who gets special thanks?
Gary Low
George Clinton

10. Which Bob Marley doesn't have a video?
Waiting in Vain
Could you be Loved
Iron Lion Zion

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