Level TWO of's own 5-level Trivia!

1. Which of the following songs does Bob Marley not get a writing credit for?
No Woman No Cry
Pimper's Paradise
Zion Train

2. Which of the following songs is NOT found on the "Songs of Freedom" box set?
Why Should I
Small Axe
Buffalo Soldier

3. When was Bob Marley born?
March 20, 1946
February 6, 1945
January 29, 1940

4. What's Bunny's real name?
Brook Benton
Neville O'Riley Livingston
Davey Charles

5. What English Pop song did Rita Marley cover, becoming a big hit?
London Bridge
Love me do
Pied Piper

6. What is Rita Marley's maiden name?

7. What 2 Wailers left the band in 1974 to pursue solo careers?
Carlton Barrett/Al Anderson
Junior Marvin/Aston Barrett
Bunny Wailer/Peter Tosh

8. What award was Bob Marley given by the United Nation in 1978?
Medal of Peace
Life Achievement Award
Victoria Cross

9. What was the largest crowd Bob Marley and the Wailers ever played for?

10. On which of the following dates did Bob Marley grace the cover of "Rolling Stone"? August 12,1976
April 17, 1974
December 29, 1980

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