Rita Speaks
An out-take from an Interview with Rita Marley.

Bob's Legacy is reaching out over the decades. It has achieved a true value though hard work and Bob's dedication. He's still serving the people.

I first met Bob in 1965. When he was still living in a ghetto. He was a young man and was so softly spoken, I thought at first he was a little snobbish. When I got to know him, however, I quickly discovered there was a consciousness about Bob that made him stand out.

I was a nurse then, though I wanted to be a singer. I loved it so much. Bob and his friends, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer, were living on the street and they used to wander past my house everyday. I used to see Peter and tell him I sing.

Eventually Peter and Bunny would come to my side of the fence and talk but Bob stayed aloof, keeping to the street. One day Bunny gave me a letter from Bob, he was too shy to tell me in person how much he like me. That was how we came to know each other.

Through the years I came to know Bob was someone God had sent for a purpose. Knowing him, this man, I wish that we will see him again.

Bob was a special person. Whatever he did in his lifetime will never have been in vain. He never took himself to be as important as others see him yet we all know he had the ability to shake the world."

Rita Marley