on Mirc
Instructions / How-to

1. Download Mirc ( )

2: Start it up, and just click away the begin messages.

3: Click on upperleft button called "File".

4: Then click on options.

5: Open the thing "Connect".

6: You can choose a IRC Network, you see a little box with a down arrow, search for Quakenet.

7: If you have selected Quakenet then press on the button right under it where you had to choose the Network, if you selected Quakenet, then click on Connect to IRC Network.

8: When you are connected to Quakenet type exactly the same as this: /join #thirdfield Once you typed that, you will have joined the Thirdfield channel.

9: That's it! If you need more information please post your questions in our community, and other members will be able to help you out!

REMINDER: The channel is located in Quakenet, and the name of the channel is #thirdfield. I hope to see all you IRC users in there!